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Windows Microsoft originally said that new owners of Windows 7 who wanted to downgrade to XP would only have until 2011 to do so, but now the company has changed its mind and extended support for the old operating system until 2020.
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Comment by wigry
by wigry on Thu 15th Jul 2010 06:49 UTC
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Corporate IT departments are used to admin the XP and they have enough influence to force MS not to drop XP. I guess, the same thing happens after 10-15 years, when it is time to phase out win 7 or 8

About security I would not bother because corporate networks are tied down enough, I guess.

BTW, Microsoft itself created that "never upgrade" mentality by not releasing a new OS for very long time while XP was heaviliy used and once they did, the opportunity was missed due to sub-par result. IT departments looked, that well, XP was working fine before and even after Vista came out, it still works and there is no need to make sudden change. Therfore when 7 came out, the corporations kept running on XP and probably will for another 5-6 years.

So unless Windows XP stops working with Microsoft next-gen server platforms or on new computers, the corporations will continue deploy that standard XP image.

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