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OSNews, Generic OSes Fiasco is a preemptible real-time kernel supporting hard priorities. It uses non-blocking synchronization for its kernel objects. This guarantees priority inheritance and makes sure that runnable high-priority processes never block waiting for lower-priority processes. Is it the Java of operating systems?
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RE[3]: Regarding Java comment
by pepper on Thu 15th Jul 2010 09:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Regarding Java comment"
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as far as I know, L4 reaches optimal performance because has a very platform specific implementation of its IPC mechanism (one of the most important features in a microkernel OS) [on every supported platform, of course]

As far as I know, the Linux kernel reaches optimal performance because has a very platform specfic implementation of context switching.

If your kernel is only a few throusand LoC, optimizing certain subsystems does not affect maintainability or robustness as much. In his (video-)lecture on Advanced OS, Gernot Heiser shows partially superior L4 performance compared to Linux. He provides an example of an optimization that was rejected on LKLM because of complexity.

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