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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "I've been a fan of Velocity Micro for years. Velocity Micro is a small system manufacturer that's been around for years, and you always have to root for the small guy. The company has announced that they will be releasing three new Android powered tablets this year to compete with hardware from heavyweights like iPad, Dell, and HP. Here's an early look at what to expect from the upcoming hardware."
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Still nothing
by wirespot on Thu 15th Jul 2010 18:59 UTC
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It feels like the industry is just going through the motions, wandering from one fad to the next but never quite getting it. They went through the netbook craze and now they're all eager to get on the tablet bandwagon, but for all the wrong reasons.

All this time they are looking at Apple and trying to copy its ideas. Apple does a tablet, they try one too. Apple does the AppStore, everybody's doing it too. But just because you copy some ideas doesn't mean you'll get the same.

Apple has created a particular position for themselves. They create and sell expensive, tightly integrated and heavily controlled devices with great out of the box experience. They also have an entire ecosystem (the iTunes Store, the AppStore) to wrap around their devices. They also have iOS and OS X. Last but not least, Apple is targeting the top 10% of the customers, spending-wise.

These other manufacturers try to target the same "cream off the top" public, but they simply don't have what it takes to offer the same experience. You need retail stores, your own OS and your own OS experts, tightly integrated hardware, R&D, a supporting ecosystem, a long term plan and so on.

What's worse, in mimicking Apple they completely ignore the long tail, the other 90% of the customers whose willingness or ability to spend the same drops off sharply on the graph curve, but who put together could offer an income at least as rewarding.

I see no vision, no grand plan from any of them. I sincerely doubt any of them will manage to replicate Apple's success in the random manner they go about things. But we could at least hope they will assemble the right pieces and at least give us, those 90% slobs, what we want.

We want 10" netbooks for under 200$, with WiFi, Bluetooth, webcam, USB, SD reader, 2.5" HDD, extra-long battery life, ARM processor and running Linux (no Windows tax, see).

Why try to create your own AppStore when the original AppStore (Linux repos) is available for free? Why use an OS made for smartphones when you can have a desktop OS (like Ubuntu Netbook Remix)? Why go for tablets, strange devices in a strange new niche market, the bastard child of Apple's narrow vision and their feud with Flash, when you can flood the market with affordable netbooks, a format that everybody understands and wants?

I wish they'd all stop chasing Apple's tail and have some ideas of their own. Or at least see what's in front of their noses.

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