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QNX As of April 2010, a silent change was made on Foundry27, users with a myQNX account could no longer checkout/update their copies of the QNX SVN repositories and a vague Wiki page was created "detailing" some licencing clarifications.
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RE: Proprietary
by Karitku on Fri 16th Jul 2010 07:47 UTC in reply to "Proprietary"
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If I was RIM, I would dump the other stuff they've got, adopt MeeGo/Android and add their proprietary email stuff on top of that. They could cut most of their R&D expenses that way.

Actually, HP could have done the same thing instead of dumping the money on Palm, but money moves in mysterious ways...

Man I wish you were CEO of some company, what a great plan. Lets dump proofed to work, has long history of devices, is well known, well liked system, that is selling rather well and move something that isn't well know, doesn't have any history or proofs that it's working or selling well. Mission complete, what next? Take out all company money, go casino and bet all on red? Damn it was black ;)

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