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IBM For only the second time since Big Blue entered the Unix market for real in February 1990 with the launch of the RS/6000 line of workstations and servers, the company is letting customers who use its Power-based servers take a future AIX release for a test drive in an open beta program
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AIX v7 scales better now. Earlier versions of AIX had no good scaling. POWER servers used to have fewer and high clocked cpus, therefore AIX had no need to scale better. But with the new POWER7, it has 8 cores just like the old Niagara SPARC. So AIX had to be rewritten to scale well, using all 8 cores in each CPU.

I wonder how well AIX scales now? Only slightly better than earlier AIX or is the vertical scaling as bad as in Linux? To scale vertically is very hard to do. To scale horizontally is easy, just add another node to your network - this is Linux strength.

(BTW, Solaris have scaled well on many cpus and cores, for many years).

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