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OSNews, Generic OSes BareMetal is an open source 64-bit OS for x86-64 based computers. It is written in Assembly, and applications can be written in Assembly or C/C++. It's aimed at three target segments (High Performance Computing, Embedded Applications, and Education). It's also designed to be simple, and it's really small. Under 16Kb small. Version 0.4.8 was released recently, which includes updates to the C application library, updated documentation, and better support for SMP. It's good to see some innovation in the startup/hobbyist OS space. We wish them well!
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RE[2]: Under 16Kb small?
by bousozoku on Fri 16th Jul 2010 14:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Under 16Kb small?"
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The Kernel binary (which includes the kernel itself, the CLI, as well as all of the system calls) is 16KiB. In reality it is actually much smaller as the binary is padded out to 16KiB. The compiled binary without padding is 10576 bytes as of 0.4.8

- Ian Seyler @ Return Infinity

That's 8 times bigger than what was written in the article, but I guess typographical errors have to scream to be heard.

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