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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "I've been a fan of Velocity Micro for years. Velocity Micro is a small system manufacturer that's been around for years, and you always have to root for the small guy. The company has announced that they will be releasing three new Android powered tablets this year to compete with hardware from heavyweights like iPad, Dell, and HP. Here's an early look at what to expect from the upcoming hardware."
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RE[3]: Still nothing
by vivainio on Fri 16th Jul 2010 19:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Still nothing"
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For an eReader, it's too expensive. For an all-purpose device it's too devoid of features and juice. It's bigger than an iPod Touch or a smartphone so I can't keep it in my pocket, and has no GSM/CDMA ability.

$150 is something you find amid your pocket lint on sunday afternoon. GSM is something you do by plugging in your phone through USB and tethering the device.

There's no gold if nobody's buying them.

Believe me, people will by heavily into the tablet form factor. Tablet is a device people with money don't have already (as opposed to pc, laptop, netbook, smartphone).

Doing it first means nothing. Apple didn't do tablets first. You have to do it right.

Apple was the first to do it right. Now other guys know how to do it right as well.

Otherwise you're just being a Guinea Pig for the other, smarter companies (like HTC), who wait and see what happens to the early adopters.

Wait-and-see may work for some companies - but for others, now is the time to take your chances & make tons of money by having the guts to press on; especially if you got the right engineering resources in place. HTC clearly hasn't.

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