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Linux "The Portable Linux Apps project brings the ideal of "1 app, 1 file" to Linux. Applications are able to run on all major distributions irrespective of their packaging systems - everything the application needs to run is packaged up inside of it. There are no folders to extract, dependencies to install or commands to enter: "Just download, make executable, and run!"" A follow-up article describes how it works, and how to transform debian packages into AppImages. The packages don't include libraries, so the system won't need to update the same library in each individual app.
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RE[5]: Nice!
by tupp on Sat 17th Jul 2010 05:31 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Nice!"
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As the parent you replied to rather clearly said: it's difficult to install versions newer than what's available in the repos! As such your apt-get won't help you a bit.

Sidux is Debain Sid -- latest versions. Plus one can use many other cutting edge Debian repos with Sidux. The other distros that I mentioned also put the latest versions in the repos. There are other distros that do likewise.

Furthermore, most of the Linux repo packages are modified and updated way more frequently than their Windows and OS-X counterparts.

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