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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris A Computerworld blog speculates that the open-source Unix distribution may live on, but Oracle won't be supporting it. At this point, "OpenSolaris' only real future is as a fork, which would not be easy to pull off. Still, with enough interest from developers it could be done. OpenSolaris is licensed under the GPLv3 CDDL and various other OSS licenses, so the base code is available."
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Elison said all that before acquisition closed. EU was watching, he had to say something. And, as you see, he didn't mentioned OpenSolaris at all. Just proprietary Solaris. Even if Oracle puts huge amounts of money in Solaris, it will get completely overtaken by Linux at some point in future.
Solaris' future is to be Oracle DB appliance and I don't see Oracle developing any general purpose features which might help Solaris rise again.

Well, I dont share your viewpoint. Oracle has invested more money in Solaris than ever Linux. Oracle's own Linux version is just a repackage of RedHat. And that does not cost billions of USD to do. On the other hand, Larry has invested 7.4 billion in Sun to get the two key assets: Solaris and Java. Larry would not invest billions if he didnt really want Solaris. So when you claim that Larry praised Solaris as the best highend OS out there, just because EU was watching - I dont think so. He meant what he said. Otherwise it would be dumb to invest billions in something that is inferior. You invest billions because you believe in the tech.

OracleDB plays best together with Solaris, but that is not unique. Because Solaris is so good, it also plays best together with SAP also, for instance. Even though Solaris uses slower RAM and slower CPUs than Linux, Solaris still wins official SAP benchmarks. That is because Solaris scales better, Solaris had 99% cpu utilization and Linux had 87%! It doesnt matter how fast hw Linux will run on, Solaris will use the hw better and win.

So, I am saying that Solaris plays best together with lots of software. Not only OracleDB. Therefore Solaris is not doomed to be an OracleDB appliance only. If you are going to build a large SAP installation for instance, then Solaris clearly is a better choice than Linux. Or OracleDB. etc.

Of course, any high end Unix is better than Linux in the Enterprise server halls. For instance, HP says the same thing about Linux and HP-UX: HP-UX is for highend and Linux is for lowend:

As for OpenSolaris, there are no ISOs, no support, OpenSolaris will be like Darwin at best. If that.

I disagree. Clearly, OpenSolaris will live in the future in some way or the other, because Solaris 11 is built upon OpenSolaris. Without OpenSolaris, there will be no Solaris 11.

PS: As for DTrace. That article is old. Linux now has SystemTap.

Please, dont mention Systemtap. It is just a DTrace wannabe. And it is a bad copy. Here we see that even Linux developers think that Systemtap is "crap":
It is as bad as comparing BTRFS with ZFS. In the BTRFS mail lists, the developers have discussed the bad code in BTRFS. Havent you seen it?

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