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QNX As of April 2010, a silent change was made on Foundry27, users with a myQNX account could no longer checkout/update their copies of the QNX SVN repositories and a vague Wiki page was created "detailing" some licencing clarifications.
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RE[4]: The Obvious:
by Laurence on Sun 18th Jul 2010 21:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: The Obvious:"
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You are so wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

He cares about losing the whole OS and not being able to depend on it longer. He don't care about the open-source state. Except if it's open-source you can fork it even if the company behinds goes belly up and hence continue using it.

You can fork OpenSolaris. I've already stated this.
Did you just completely ignore my post?

Your GPL hate

Grow up.

I don't hate GPL. Quite the opposite in fact - 90% computers I manage run Linux as the main OS and ArchLinux is my primary desktop OS. I just don't believe that GPL the only licence worth considering. In fact I that kind of attitude is little different to OS fanboyism.

So if I come across as a GPL hater, then that's only because you're so blinkered to other opinions outside of GPL.

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