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Multimedia, AV I'm a couch potato. There, I've said it. I love sitting down and watching sci-fi movies, like any good geek would. And this is an (almost religious) action that hasn't changed for many, many, years. But I feel that we're in for a surprise soon. The way we watch TV and access content is about to change. TV watching will at last arrive into the 21st Century, and the technology giants will be there to duke it out for the reins of this new industry.
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RE[5]: other players
by kaiwai on Sun 18th Jul 2010 23:53 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: other players"
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PDA phones were an obvious and natural progression given that both PDAs and phones already existed.

I think there will definitely be an embedded media OS battle in the near future but it will be spread across a range of devices including blu-ray players and receivers. As for that battle resulting in a standardized platform for developers......not likely.

The issue is also if everything is thrown in the television you're going to have a device that does 100 things half assed rather than a few core competencies very well. We've already seen it with mobile phones with hundreds of features and each of these features sucking worse than if they were put in separate dedicated devices. The only thing I've seen convergence do is bring a whole heap of cheap crappy components together in a single device and selling it to the gullible masses as an revolutionary change when in reality it is a step backwards.

Give me a mobile with long battery life and reliable reception, give me a media player with great sound quality, give me a television that is easy to use and only the features required rather than a whole heap of crap that I'll never use in the life of the product (look on your remote and count how many buttons you'll never touch in the whole time you've owned the said television in front of you). Are there people with feature fetish? sure but the vast majority just want what they have to be easier to use and for the features that are included actually work rather than simply there to meet some arbitrary list of features the marketing people think the device must have.

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