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Multimedia, AV I'm a couch potato. There, I've said it. I love sitting down and watching sci-fi movies, like any good geek would. And this is an (almost religious) action that hasn't changed for many, many, years. But I feel that we're in for a surprise soon. The way we watch TV and access content is about to change. TV watching will at last arrive into the 21st Century, and the technology giants will be there to duke it out for the reins of this new industry.
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by kaiwai on Mon 19th Jul 2010 00:00 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Nycran"
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There’s no doubt that there’s the bandwidth. The problem is the teclco’s monetising it. They’re happy as is, and there’s no reason to change. This is why Google are forcing fiber tests in the US to get the ball rolling. Create the demand, and the supply will have to follow.

IPTV has come to NZ in the form of Tivo where Telecom NZ sells movies on demand via ADSL which isn't added to ones traffic allowance. The problem is that not only is the internet bandwidth expensive but the network backbone has pretty much over two decades of under investment so even if they were to offer flat rate the backbone be flooded in seconds. Add to that the sole telecommunications company in NZ being poorly run by management who have degrees in business - its not surprising that NZ is in the situation that it is in. A similar situation is mirrored in Australia - paying 20cents or something every time I wanted to make a local call (charge me 20cents or charge me a monthly rental - don't charge me both!), data charges as well as time charges back when I was using a dial up modem.

Oh well the saving grace maybe atleast we aren't ass raped like in the US where the receiver of mobile calls and text messages are charged - if there was ever a massive rip off scam going it would be that.

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