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Multimedia, AV I'm a couch potato. There, I've said it. I love sitting down and watching sci-fi movies, like any good geek would. And this is an (almost religious) action that hasn't changed for many, many, years. But I feel that we're in for a surprise soon. The way we watch TV and access content is about to change. TV watching will at last arrive into the 21st Century, and the technology giants will be there to duke it out for the reins of this new industry.
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Android phone - the phone
by ericools on Mon 19th Jul 2010 01:55 UTC
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They already have Android phones with HDMI ports. All you need to do is take one minus the phone and screen place it inside a TV and pair it with a bluetooth remote control and there you have it.

Some optional game controllers and mouse/keyboard setups would round it out nicely. Make sure to keep the SD card slot it a nice location.

I don't think it would be to hard to get content providers to support this as it's Android and they probably will anyway if they haven't already.

Why Android?
-Other Linux: would surely become available but to fragmented and lacking ready to go applications Android already has for this.
-iPhone OS: too closed, limited to Apple hardware and Apple approved development
-WinMobile/Blackberry/whatever else: just as limited as Apple with far less polish.

This is what I expect to happen and honestly think is better anyway.

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