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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris A Computerworld blog speculates that the open-source Unix distribution may live on, but Oracle won't be supporting it. At this point, "OpenSolaris' only real future is as a fork, which would not be easy to pull off. Still, with enough interest from developers it could be done. OpenSolaris is licensed under the GPLv3 CDDL and various other OSS licenses, so the base code is available."
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Hm? I didnt understand this one. OpenSolaris is like Fedora and Solaris 10 is like RedHat. OpenSolaris gets all new tech first, and then it is backported to Solaris. For instance, ZFS came first to OpenSolaris: just read wikipedia article on ZFS. So OpenSolaris code is the basis for Solaris 11. OpenSolaris contains all new tech. If it is scrapped, then all development on Solaris 11 has to start anew, from scratch. Highly unlikely.

ZFS was integrated into Solaris first but released publicly in OpenSolaris.

Solaris doesn't need OpenSolaris to progress, especially when all the work of OpenSolaris was performed by Sun employees. How ever did Solaris progress before the advent of OpenSolaris? Oh that's right, with paychecks to engineers.

OpenSolaris/Solaris on x86 is a dead end. Big iron is a shrinking market thanks to cpus like the Xeon 7500.

Sun waited too long to move against Linux. The technical advantages of Solaris aren't significant enough to counter the inertia behind Linux. Sun acted arrogantly by being dismissive of Linux during the late 90's and has paid for that arrogance with the Oracle takeover.

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