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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris A Computerworld blog speculates that the open-source Unix distribution may live on, but Oracle won't be supporting it. At this point, "OpenSolaris' only real future is as a fork, which would not be easy to pull off. Still, with enough interest from developers it could be done. OpenSolaris is licensed under the GPLv3 CDDL and various other OSS licenses, so the base code is available."
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I dont understand your question: "Why should he make a significant investment in Solaris?". He IS already doing that: betting much more money on Solaris than he ever has betted on Linux.

He isn't investing significantly in the OS with the goal of displacing Linux. He'll just be investing in Solaris stacks that are built around the DB. Unlike Sun he has no interest in fighting a war against Linux and that is what matters. As for investing in Linux he doesn't need to when he can just take RHEL source and sell it with an Oracle stamp.

If Larry invests many billions then he is committing and he (almost) goes all in. It is almost as 95% of Larrys billions goes to Solaris, and 5% goes to Linux.

No one knows the exact amount that is going to Solaris.

What "actions"? The problem is that Oracle has taken no actions at all yet.

Consider the following actions since the takeover:

1. Making positive statements about acquisitions like Java and MySql while saying nothing about OpenSolaris

2. Ignoring the open letter from Ben Rockwood

3. Providing no response to the recent ultimatum by the OpenSolaris board

4. Providing no link to OpenSolaris from the main website

They have not forgotten about OpenSolaris. They have simply chosen to ignore it.

There are lots of research and development into OpenSolaris, why throw away and kill it?

Where are the performance advantages over Solaris? Even if OpenSolaris had some special tech it could be moved over to Solaris.

Your posts just dont make sense.

They probably don't from your perspective because you are deluding yourself when it comes to the fate of OpenSolaris.

OpenSolaris will either be forked or ignored by Oracle. Either way it will stagnate due to a lack of developer interest. Building around OpenSolaris or even Solaris x86 at this point is a mistake.

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