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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris A Computerworld blog speculates that the open-source Unix distribution may live on, but Oracle won't be supporting it. At this point, "OpenSolaris' only real future is as a fork, which would not be easy to pull off. Still, with enough interest from developers it could be done. OpenSolaris is licensed under the GPLv3 CDDL and various other OSS licenses, so the base code is available."
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Where are the performance advantages over Solaris? Even if OpenSolaris had some special tech it could be moved over to Solaris.

The purpose IS to move over the special tech to Solaris 10 and to form Solaris 11. I have told you this umpteen times; OpenSolaris is like Fedora, and Solaris 10 is like RedHat.

"Your posts just dont make sense.

They probably don't from your perspective because you are deluding yourself when it comes to the fate of OpenSolaris.
Or maybe you are really confused and know nothing? At least it is very hard to try to explain things to you. And your own links are supporting ME, not you. But you dont understand that. I must read and interpret your own links and explain them to you. Do you have a hard time understanding written text? It seems so. I can explain again and again, to no avail.

OpenSolaris will either be forked or ignored by Oracle.

Great! At last you understand! OpenSolaris WILL be forked into Solaris 11. That IS the purpose. That is also the reason OpenSolaris will not die. Jesus.

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