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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless On July 15th the latest Android super-phone was released by Motorola and Verizon Wireless. All hail the Droid X. The release was not without controversy though. The Droid X, while greatly raising the bar for Android phones in general, does so at the expense of the very power users and community that made the original Droid the gotta-have phone it became. Alienating this group may have far reaching consequences for Motorola.
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What Motorola Doesn't Realize
by ben.kank on Tue 20th Jul 2010 19:37 UTC
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Although the people that load custom roms are relatively small. We do influence the purchasing decisions of the people we interact with. My wife, 3 cousins, brother, mother and father all use HTC products because I recommended them and I recommended them because I can load custom roms. While they personally might not engage in loading custom roms they do rely on me to help them make their purchases. My sister in law was interested in the original Droid and after my recommendation she bought it. One of the three cousins who I had convinced to previously buy an HTC phone saw my sister in laws phone just recently and asked me whether he should get the Motorola Droid X or the HTC Droid Incredible as an upgrade. Naturally I told him the Incredible. So to say that the development communities opinion and involvement with your products doesn't matter is terribly short sighted. I was really looking forward to buying an American made phone. Especially in these hard economic times when jobs for programmers like me are getting scarcer and scarcer. I was a couple of clicks away from ordering the Droid X until I heard about FuseGate. While I understand Motorola's motives for locking down their ROM I don't understand their rationale. They were on the the verge of convincing this long time HTC customer to come over to their side. Then they botched the whole deal over what is at worse harmless and at best a sales multiplier. I really hope they change their mind on this matter for Droid 2 because they are leaving money on the table. If they are really worried about warranty claims leave the efuse in but allow the buyer to call motorola and unlock their phone with the proviso that they invalidate their warranty by doing so.

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