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RE[2]: zypper
by vivainio on Wed 21st Jul 2010 16:45 UTC in reply to "RE: zypper"
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Breaking things *should be hard* and require much more deliberate action than just saying "yes" to a prompt you didn't read anyway.

Actually, "yes" is not a valid answer, you have to choose 2) (which means you will read the prompt).

A better reaction to the above prompt would be to ask "Who released a distribution with broken dependencies?" What is spectacle and why did it get into a release repo without its required dependencies?

This is not a release repo, it's a work-in-progress repository for MeeGo toolchain (for opensuse).

Spectacle generates rpm .spec files from yaml files, and PyYAML was apparently not packaged (but it was still listed as a dependency - a packaging bug, but something I can live with).

I've learned that in real life "this is unacceptable" is not a good approach when something is broken. Rather, I prefer "give me a 3 minute workaround and I'm good". Therefore, zypper is a better realpolitik tool than apt-get, for me at least.

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