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SuSE, openSUSE Long time fans of openSUSE Linux and its commercial big brother, Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, will find a lot to like in this latest update.
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NEWS FLASH: It's no longer 1996 and Linux is not difficult to install. Documenting how easy the install process was is about as useful as commenting on how nice the wallpaper looked. Oh, gee? Really? Gosh I guess it must be a cutting edge distribution!

Are you writing reviews for Windows users? If not then don't tell me what software came installed by default unless it actually, you know, matters. Comes with OpenOffice? Well shucks! I would have never guessed. Has it got an *media player*, too? Amazing what they can do these days! It's almost as if *every distribution and every version of Windows I've installed in the last 15 years didn't have one*!

Please, PLEASE write something useful about the distribution. Find *something* that is remarkable, or different, or worked well, or didn't. Please don't mention the installer unless it didn't work. Don't mention hardware support unless things were really broken out of the box, or worked *surprisingly* well. We're long past the days when hardware detection was a distribution selling point; if it doesn't mostly work today then something is wrong!

If today, right now, all you can say is "Well guys, I installed it and it looks like it runs," then you have told me precisely *nothing* about how good it really works. We're not competing with NT4 ("detecting CPU architecture...") here! I'll bet you that Mac OS X installs and seems to work, too. Hell, even QNX-on-a-floppy booted and looked good a decade ago! Care to tell me something I *can't* assume? Care to try and actually *DO* something with it and report on how well it does that? No? THEN DON'T WRITE A 'REVIEW'.


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