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RE[4]: zypper
by vivainio on Wed 21st Jul 2010 18:53 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: zypper"
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There exists a perfectly good "3 minute workaround" for apt, too, which I know you already know based on your other comment.

The problem with that workaround (download manually, install with dpkg) is that it prevents you from installing/updating new stuff until you return the repository to consistent state. Aptitude is not better about this.

Btw, apt-get doesn't even allow you to *download* the deb (apt-get install --download-only) if dependencies are unsatisfied. I can understand some babysitting but that's insane.

The only difference is apt doesn't tell you which command to run.

There is no "command to run", but lots of manual steps. Unless you know better and have a command handy? --ignore-missing option doesn't help, and there are no good --force flags.

Incidentally, it's aptitude these days. apt-get is unmaintained.

That's news to me. Aptitude is a much heavier tool (with a curses ui, even).

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