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Humor This humorous article depicts the computing world without Microsoft-- Apple has the biggest marketshare (15%), HP bought Commodore, IBM thinks text-based interfaces are the best thing for customers, and hardware-accelerated 3D is a no-go because all the various parties cannot agree on a standard. And Microsoft? Aren't they selling BASIC?
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Utter Bollox
by MYOB on Tue 11th Oct 2005 18:57 UTC
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I didn't even -use- a Microsoft, Microsoft inspired or Microsoft-caused piece of software or technology until the mid 1990's.

MS developed nothing, caused nothing, inspired nothing and invented nothing. My SGI Indy came shipped ISDN, a recognisable ethernet card and TCP/IP stack when Windows wasn't even able to do networking natively. There goes the one about fast net not being available

Oh, it also had OpenGL. Windows didn't. There goes the 3D assertion.

Sure, it cost 15 thousand bucks. Yeah, maybe MS has brought prices down. However, whats brought software prices down recently is competition from free software, NOT Microsoft.

The entire article is utter bollox, tantamount to Microsoft propaganda.

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