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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Early takes on the Technical Preview of Windows Phone 7 are more thumbs up than screw up. But is it too late to sway users?
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You don't run the same apps on desktop linux as you do on the phone (even android) there is a screen real-estate question.. The same goes for Windows Phone 7... However both platforms each use the same development tools and frameworks, respectively of course..

In fact Windows Phone 7 is based on the portable .NET framework we all know as Silverlight. So any Silverlight app (including out of browser ones) can easily be ported. Silverlight and Windows 7 (WPF) apps have a lot in common thanks to screen layouts in XAML..

So this Windows Phone 7 is not Windows 7 desktop OS is true, it doesn't really need to be.. The lightweight kernel of the .NET compact framework sits below it giving it a one two punch, and the same web apps in silverlight can easily run in Windows 7 desktop or Windows Phone 7..

Just as XNA games on Windows Desktop and X-Box 360 can easily (with screen considerations) run great on Windows Phone 7..

So get over these comments as porting is even easier and tools like Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone 7 are much better tools than Interface Builder on the Mac (for iPhone) or what comes standard in the Android SDK (including googlelabs app inventor) and EASIER and have true design imports (like photoshop and illustrator)..

Also, C# is much easier to code in and takes a lot less code to do the same thing in Objective C or C++ so it takes less time and costs less to port an app. Plus Microsoft's cloud solutions and support for enterprise intfrastructure to support them are already in place at most firms, versus iPhone or Android..

So get over trying to pan a product that isn't even released yet.. Microsoft doesn't have to wow people they never have been the leader with that anyway..

They have to support enterprise, come out with a more cost-effective solution that is easier to develop for and has better looking and working apps..

In my opinion they've done all of that, and you are probably really haven't taken a good look at what they are going to be offering if you think otherwise..

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