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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Early takes on the Technical Preview of Windows Phone 7 are more thumbs up than screw up. But is it too late to sway users?
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The lightweight kernel of the .NET compact framework sits below it giving it a one two punch, and the same web apps in silverlight can easily run in Windows 7 desktop or Windows Phone 7..

One two punch? Are you reading this from some marketing brochure? ;-)

Also, C# is much easier to code in and takes a lot less code to do the same thing in Objective C or C++ so it takes less time and costs less to port an app.

Ease of coding comes from the libraries, languages are mostly equivalent, with C# having a slight edge (with closures etc). The killer with C# & silverlight is that the code you write is proprietary microsoft-only code - if your product doesn't "make it", you have intellectual property of zero value at your hands. You could argue the same for ObjC, but iPhone is already popular so the risk is lower.

What's interesting with windows phone 7 is the ui design. You'd never had expected Microsoft to aim at such simple & clean look.

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