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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless On July 15th the latest Android super-phone was released by Motorola and Verizon Wireless. All hail the Droid X. The release was not without controversy though. The Droid X, while greatly raising the bar for Android phones in general, does so at the expense of the very power users and community that made the original Droid the gotta-have phone it became. Alienating this group may have far reaching consequences for Motorola.
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Get what you pay for
by Dubbayoo on Sat 24th Jul 2010 18:24 UTC
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I have a Droid X. I like it. I might root it some day. I might not. I bought it for the advertised features, not the unadvertised ones. I'm all for OSS but IMO if you buy a device for the ability to do things the mfr didn't intend to be done you have little right to be disappointed when you can't do them. If you can then that's great. I don't see how anyone was duped here.

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