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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Dell has this "highly sophisticated website" telling us "WHICH OPERATING SYSTEM SHOULD I CHOOSE ?" Ubuntu or Windows? Read the site and understand why it is a "highly sophisticated website"
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Are they trying to make Ubuntu lame?
by marktn on Sat 24th Jul 2010 22:52 UTC
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From a marketing background I visited the Dell site and noticed several things immediately:

1. Either my old Lenovo Thinkpad's screen is going bad, or the Windows graphic is much sharper and nicer than the somewhat blurry Ubuntu graphic.

2. I think the phrasing of the sentence that "Ubuntu is not a Microsoft Windows Operating System" is written to discourage Windows users from chosing Ubuntu on the assumption it is some new variant of Windows (heck, there's been XP SP3, Vista Home, Home Basic, Professional, Ultimate, Balmer's Wet Dream Edition, Windows 7 Home Basic Bare Bones, etc., etc.).

3. The choice of what is displayed on the screen is a dead give-away (or at least subconscious): Windows has a system control center. Ubuntu has Potatoe Guy and Nibbles. Read as: "You decide which is a serious operating system."

4. The bullet points suggest one has to learn entirely new software for all computer functions - as if Firefox doesn't exist cross-platform.

5. Is this for a netbook or a PC desktop/laptop purchase? The thumbnail for Ubuntu is the Netbook remix, not the more traditional gnome destkop. If this is the screen one sees when selecting an OS for your new Dell (gonna die in a year) laptop, then Linux looks all the weirder.

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