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OS/2 and eComStation "As a long-time fan of GeoWorks Ensemble (now Breadbox Ensemble), a DOS based graphical user interface and office suite popular in the 80s, I've run it under a variety of operating systems and emulators over the years. You see, Ensemble requires an underlying operating system to provide a DOS compatible file system, not unlike early versions of Windows that required DOS. [...] With the release of eComStation 2.0 I thought I'd revisit the challenge of getting Breadbox Ensemble running under OS/2 again [...] but to add a further twist, since I didn't want to do this on a dedicated machine, I chose to see if I could get things running under VirtualBox."
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Surely must be dying...
by SuperDaveOsbourne on Sun 25th Jul 2010 17:27 UTC
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... when someone denies it with words of tripe rather than more articles of substance. I just iterate the facts, not the gibberish denying the obvious.

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