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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While browsing through, a popular online shop for electronic products here in Asia, I was really surprised to see several iPad-like tablet computers that are sold for as low as $99 (US). Another surprising thing is that they are all powered by Android.
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Dont expect a Ipad, fun devices
by Hans Otten on Mon 26th Jul 2010 16:00 UTC
Hans Otten
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Dont expect an Ipad. These tablets look like an Ipad, even the box is an Ipad lookalike.
But its not an Ipad, so dont compare with an Ipad please!
A bit slow, video will not show, you need a stylus to operate, not multitouch. Missing hardware buttons required for Android (Menu). Limited memory. Not very well built also. Not working Market access.

Very affordable (7 inch for $99, 8 inch for $140)!

So fun to play with, use to see Android, for browsing, a photoframe, ebook reader. Active users getting better versions of Android on the devices. So much more open than that other tablet

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