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Legal So, there I am enjoying a nice Gilmore Girls episode after a long day's work, and Engadget's iPhone application brings the good news: the US Library of Congress has added a DMCA exemption for jailbreaking or rooting mobile phones! This is a major blow to Apple, who actively tried to keep jailbreaking a criminal offence, and a major win for everyone who believes that the phone you buy is actually yours, and not the manufacturer's.
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RE: Big Loss for Apple??
by Soulbender on Mon 26th Jul 2010 19:16 UTC in reply to "Big Loss for Apple??"
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Possibly, but Apple's the only one who said it is illegal. Other companies settle for voiding your warranty, which is the sane option. It's not like it's illegal to modify your Ford or B&O stereo or Yamaha motorcycle etc (as long as it's within the applicable law). There's no reason IT has to be different in this regard.

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