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Legal So, there I am enjoying a nice Gilmore Girls episode after a long day's work, and Engadget's iPhone application brings the good news: the US Library of Congress has added a DMCA exemption for jailbreaking or rooting mobile phones! This is a major blow to Apple, who actively tried to keep jailbreaking a criminal offence, and a major win for everyone who believes that the phone you buy is actually yours, and not the manufacturer's.
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Doubtful Apple Will Change
by fuzzywombat on Mon 26th Jul 2010 19:32 UTC
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I somehow doubt that Apple will suddenly put "jailbreaking" as a feature. Another words, if Apple wanted to they can have an option buried somewhere in the settings to allow 3rd party apps outside of the Apple App Store to be installed onto the iPhone and iPod touch. That would pretty much put an end to current jailbreaking community by legitimizing it completely. Of course this highly unlikely to ever happen so don't hold your breath. At very best they'll stop trying to claim that jailbreaking as it currently stands is illegal, criminal, and unethical but even that's a stretch. More than likely they'll simply continue their current position of spreading misinformation despite this new DMCA exemption. As usual Apple fanboys will be out in full force in support of Apple whatever Apple does and demonize those who dare to criticize Apple. It is what they do.

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