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Red Hat CentOS, with almost 30% of all Linux servers. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux-derived distro is #1 according to Web Technology Surveys.
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RE: Really a good distro
by gnufreex on Tue 27th Jul 2010 18:31 UTC in reply to "Really a good distro"
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Don't be confused by old version number for kernel. Red Hat backports lots of things, especially hardware drivers. RHEL 5.5 which have 2.6.16-based (or something) kernel actualy supports POWER7 and Nehalem EX (Xeon 7500) iron which just come out.

Only problem with CentOS is that lags about 2 months beyond RHEL in releases and updates, and that includes security updates too. That means: When RHSA (red hat security alert) alerts paid RHEL customers to update and patch newfound security issue, you have to wait ~2 months for that patch to lend in CentOS. So you're leaving a window of opportunity for hackers. But luckily, there is always workaround for security issue, so you typically just need to block some port or do some kludge to secure your server until patch lands. And security issues that show up in RHEL are usually not severe anyway. It is just Red Hat, trying to make it perfect.

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