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Intel An interesting article at Ars Technica takes a look at some compelling data (the longer-than-normal processor update cycles in Apple's personal computer lineup) and speculates that Apple's enthusiasm for its partnership with Intel might be cooling. Like Apple's soured relationship with once-BFF Google, this may be the result of Intel's increasing activities in the mobile computing space.
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RE[2]: PPC
by JLF65 on Tue 27th Jul 2010 23:26 UTC in reply to "RE: PPC"
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I have to second the value of the IBM side of the PPC family. I work on a daily basis with their 64-bit systems on AIX (Power4 on up), and I have been quite pleased with the performance. The architecture is also far cleaner than the x86/AMD64 hydra.

This. Anyone into hardware loves the Power/PPC architecture. No programmer I know "likes" the x86 architecture. The x86-64 is a LITTLE better, but not nearly as nice as any of the RISC processors. Look at an industry that does not need to run legacy x86 software: the PPC is at the heart of all three current generation game consoles.

That's why the comment in the article -

As interesting as AMD's Bulldozer architecture may turn out to be, we've all been burned by processor architectures that seemed awesome in concept but never delivered on their promises. PowerPC, anyone?

- is just nonsense. PPC delivered in spades. Apple switched to Intel for two reasons: Intel gave them a better deal for processors, and it made it easier for Macs to play Windows games... and that second reason is probably more important than the first.

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