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Graphics, User Interfaces Fraunhofer's FIT . . . has recently appeared on the YouTubes, where we must say it looks pretty darn good. Not only does it not require special gloves or markers, this thing also works in real time and can support multiple users (and multiple fingers).
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Usage for Normal computers
by Claxus on Wed 28th Jul 2010 07:09 UTC
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Even if this looks very promising, the whole demo relies on a basic 3-d model. There are many multi-touch demos showing the manipulation (moving/zooming) of images, but demonstration of real usable applications are rare.

It would be nice to see how this technique could be useful to replace the mouse-clicks-ok-button on a normal desktop. Perhaps replacing the touch functionality that is becoming popular on todays big computer screens.

When programming, moving the hand to the mouse to move the cursor is often time-consuming. It would be much faster to just raise your hands and make a gesture to the screen.


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