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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The GNOME foundation and the LiMo group announced a partnership to help push Linux forward in the consumer field. The only notice that anyone has seem to have taken is mockery. So why can someone announce some dedication to promoting open source software in the mobile space and generate no enthusiasm in the mobile space? Android.
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RE: Symbian
by Karitku on Fri 30th Jul 2010 11:55 UTC in reply to "Symbian"
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Hmm... Symbian is Open Source now. And it's definitely popular.

On top of that, Nokia now has Symbian and Qt - which many people consider as a very nice framework. I wouldn't count them out ;)

I haven't seen any good apps in Symbian. Symbian popularity is largely based on Nokias success on lower end models. Most people, like me, just kept buying Nokia phones since they had good HW and good SW until we hit smartphone category where all comes down as rain of shit. Ones Nokia kicks good bye to Symbian(after I seen new Nokia S^3 models it will be sooner than later) there is no point keep it alive. Meego, WP7, Android and iOS will be the big battle, I have very little believe in WebOS since HP owns it nowdays. Anything outside this isn't possible unless Oracle or IBM wants to make mobile OS.

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