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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The GNOME foundation and the LiMo group announced a partnership to help push Linux forward in the consumer field. The only notice that anyone has seem to have taken is mockery. So why can someone announce some dedication to promoting open source software in the mobile space and generate no enthusiasm in the mobile space? Android.
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RE[6]: ? - Nokia?
by Windows Sucks on Fri 30th Jul 2010 17:39 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: ? - Nokia?"
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Not hunch, current market trends. Nokia and RIM are loosing smartphone market share to Apple and Google.

So market trends dictate what content will be made available? That's not something you can deduce from market trends (apart from app availability - the rest is about contracts with content producers).

No content will dictate what consumers will buy. If Nokia's smart phones cant do what MS, Apple and Google's can then they can cancel Christmas. Nokia will always be the biggest when it comes to regular phones, but residual income rolls in from Smart phones.

On the LiMo subject, if Nokia and LiMo have nothing to do with each other then what other phone maker is going to push LiMo when all the big ones are using Android?

Also it takes more then just having access to content, you also have to come up with a way to get it to your customers. Apple has that, Google has that and is adding more. MS has that. RIM and Nokia? Not so much.

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