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Gnome GNOME developer Dave Neary has posted the highlights of his work to determine where contributions to GNOME come from. This "Census" is a combination of data mining and surveys that gives a snapshot of gnome activity and the profile of a GNOME contributor. This project's aims were to answer three questions in particular: What does the developer community look like? What companies are investing in GNOME, and how? What does the commercial ecosystem around the GNOME project look like?
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A few things should be reinforced:
by HunterA3 on Fri 30th Jul 2010 19:50 UTC
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The study was over the course of the entire gnome project, which has been around for many years. So has Red Hat. Canonical has been around for just a few short years, so naturally Red Hat has more contributions to Gnome.

Red hat is also a bigger company, with more money and more developers. They’ve got the horse power to push the contributions upstream and I dare say more influence over what gets included and what doesn’t.

Lastly, and this is the most important point….

If Red Hat contributors are so bent out of shape because they are not happy with someone elses level of contribution, then they are forgetting what open source is all about. It’s not about who contributes more. It’s about freedom and choice. Could Canonical contribute more to upstream Gnome? Sure. But to label them as the next Microsoft because they are not conforming to the will of the Gnome project and only submitting code to them and only if it meets the standards of that one group is not only dangerous, it sounds very much like Apple and it’s IOS4 policies. Is that what we’re headed to? A one size fits all approach? Isn’t that counter to everything open source stands for?

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