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Hardware, Embedded Systems AMD plans to start shipping the USB 3-equipped chipset in the fourth quarter of 2010, beating Intel to the post. Intel hasn't announced its official plans for integrated USB 3 support yet, but various sources say it's not expected until we're well into 2011.
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by Kivada on Sat 31st Jul 2010 08:27 UTC
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Can haz powered Lightspeak nao?

Seriously, USB is a pretty lame interconnects, even in it's latest iteration, how it won out over Firewire is beyond me, and spare me the "Apple's greedy $1 licensing" spiel. If you think USB is better then you have never used Firewire and no not why it is THE standard for audio and video work since USB's latency is just too high as well as it's low sustainable transfer rate.

With the current version of FW being able to handle 3.2 Gbps and with the next version (IEEE P1394d) doubling that to 6.4Gbps it should be no contest considering that FW is actually able to get close to it's rated speed while I've never seen USB ever get within miles of it's rated speed.

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