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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Oracle has announced that rival hardware vendors Dell and Hewlett-Packard intend to certify and resell its Solaris and Enterprise Linux operating systems as well as Oracle VM on their x86 servers. The announcement "demonstrates Oracle's commitment to openness," company co-president Charles Phillips said in a statement.
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Not exactly sure how this demonstrates a commitment to openness. All I think this demonstrates is that Oracle sees the chance to sell more support contracts, which doesn't need demonstrating to believe.

Openness as apposed to Oracle stating that they won't work with third parties wishing to bundle Solaris with their hardware. As tempting as it is to try to keep all sales in house - if a customer is adamant about using HP then why miss out a Solaris sale in spite of the customers chosen hardware?

As slow as the information is coming i have a feeling that Oracle is taking a slowly but surely approach to getting Solaris on a level footing than rushing out a series of promises before the ink has dried. The last thing you want to be doing is promising a whole heap of stuff and find that the partners aren't up to speed where the customers require them to be.

The big issue I have though is although Oracle provides services I question whether HP and Dell are a willing partner or a reluctant one who will work to undermine Oracle's efforts. We all know how HP and Microsoft are like siamese twins separated at birth. As for Dell - well, we all know what their service is like.

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