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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Microsoft had its annual financial analyst meeting on Thursday, and Steve Ballmer answered questions about what the company's answer to the iPad was going to be, and whether Windows Phone 7 was going to be a part of that product strategy. He said, "We're coming . . . We're coming full guns. The operating system is called Windows." Ballmer and Microsoft so don't get it. I can't believe Steve Ballmer is making me feel sorry for Microsoft.
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They are part way there
by shotsman on Sat 31st Jul 2010 17:19 UTC
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A colleague of mine has a Thinkpad with a touchscreen that runs Windows 7.

On the plus side, it does a few things that other tablet don't. For example handwriting recognition.

On the otherhand, it is heavy, has limited battery life and runs Windows 7 so you have to have lots of crapware like AV, firewalls etc.

It is not a Tablet but it shows what is possible. OR rather what you can do with an existing Laptop when you add a touchscreen.

On the train home on Friday, a guy sat next to me with his 'corporate' HP laptop. He tried for 20 minutes to get onto the internet using 3g.
First there was the Bios Password.
Then came the Full disk encryption. Two passwords. One synced to a remote dongle. Then there was the XP (arrgghhh) login.
After two hardware resets he finally got online. What mega important website did he visit? none other than the UK' Daily Mail (or Daily Wail).

I sat there rather smug with my iPad surfing the net via the builtin 3g.

If Windows tablets (or slates as Balmer calls them) take off running Windows 7 I forsee corporate IT Departmens loading them up with crapware just like the guy on the train's PC.
Then they will truly be a mega fail. For all its failings, the iPad is simplcity personnified. Going online takes seconds. Not half an hour of swearing & frustration.

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