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Graphics, User Interfaces As Nvidia falters, Advanced Micro Devices' ATI graphics unit is on the rise, spurred by "radical" shifts in the market, according to Mercury Research, which tracks the market for GPUs or graphics processing units.
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by Kivada on Sat 31st Jul 2010 17:38 UTC in reply to "Comment by kaiwai"
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I wonder though whether nVidia should take a gamble and buy out who ever owns VIA x86 CPU's given Intel's refusal to play nice - does nVidia the cash and manpower to pull off such a coup?

I've been saying that since the ATI buyout, that Nvidia really should buy up VIA and get into the x86_64 game, it's not like they haven't been pushed out of the chipset market by both AMD and Intel, they must be hoping like hell that after chipgate and the GTX4 flop that the Gameboy 3DS(built around Nv's Tegra ARM chipset) takes off, but history hasn't been kind to 3D devices, we all know about the problems for anyone that has less then perfect vision when it comes to 3D as well as how bad implementations cause even normal people have headaches after only half an hour.

Only thing is, will the Nano scale up to a 3+Ghz 4+ core without massive investments, I.E. can they even get close to Intel midrange performance within the first 2 years post buyout.

If they could pull it off it would do wonders for the market having a 3rd real option and they would force Intel to actually try to make a GPU, or at least make Intel hire someone like PowerVR or Matrox to try and make them a decent performing GPU since if OpenCL takes off that is where things will head.

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