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Microsoft A provocative editorial at The Register makes this suggestion: "Microsoft should consider acquiring Novell's SUSE Linux business and focusing it completely on mobile. Novell has a seat at the Linux Foundation's MeeGo table, and Microsoft should embrace that operating system rather than its myriad (but universally unsuccessful) mobile variants of Windows."
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Makes zero sense
by nt_jerkface on Sat 31st Jul 2010 17:54 UTC
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He didn't once explain how they are hindered by their existing OS line.

The mistake MS made was waiting too long to improve their mobile offering. Lacking a Linux distro has nothing to do with it.

They haven't even released wp7 and Matt is suggesting a purchase of Novell to save themselves? Ridiculous.

He suggestion of attracting LAMP developers is also silly. They already get Linux for free so why should they buy Windows Server?

Matt Asay is an open source advocate who should keep his fantasy of MS saving Novell and embracing Linux to himself.

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