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Gnome Yesterday it was announced that GNOME 3.0 is delayed till next year. The extra time has given the Shell Developers some more time to play around with new concepts and they have come up a new mockup. Here are the new mockups.
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RE[2]: Now its gnome's turn...
by Richard Dale on Sat 31st Jul 2010 21:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Now its gnome's turn..."
Richard Dale
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KDE 4.0 failed because it was a complete rewrite with all new technology.

KDE 4.0 didn't fail, and it was actually very successful. It did exactly what the release announcement said it would do, no more and no less. Without an early release to give the application developers something to build on (that's all KDE 4.0 was), then later releases like upcoming very solid 4.5 release wouldn't have been possible. There were certainly communication problems, but that is a relatively minor thing compared with failing to deliver a new platform at all.

Anyone who thinks that new desktop environments will emerge just perfect all in one go, if only the guys working on them just follow the advice of the 'armchair release managers' on internet forums like this one, just don't have a clue about how hard it is to develop a new desktop environment. I wish the Gnome guys luck, and hope they can keep their nerve in the face of the unjustified criticism like the KDE community has had to face from a small but vocal minority.

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