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Intel An interesting article at Ars Technica takes a look at some compelling data (the longer-than-normal processor update cycles in Apple's personal computer lineup) and speculates that Apple's enthusiasm for its partnership with Intel might be cooling. Like Apple's soured relationship with once-BFF Google, this may be the result of Intel's increasing activities in the mobile computing space.
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RE[4]: PPC
by JLF65 on Sun 1st Aug 2010 00:14 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: PPC"
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Apple switched to Intel because it gave them processor parity with the rest of the PC industry and there's no way they could put the G5 in their laptops, which have constituted a majority of Macs sold for quite some time now.

Ugh - not this laptop myth again! Apple used water-cooling for their desktops because they over-clocked their CPUs, but by the same token, they could have UNDER-clocked the CPUs to put them in laptops. IBM also came out with a low-power version of the G5 right before Apple announced their move to Intel.

Not that low-power in laptops even mattered at the time. They were making laptops at that time using the PRESCOTT CPU! There were enough lap-scorching Intel laptops out at the time that lap protectors were a big item. So let's not hear anymore of this nonsense that "Apple couldn't put a G5 in a laptop." It's just as stupid as people STILL posting jokes about Mac mice having one button.

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