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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Microsoft had its annual financial analyst meeting on Thursday, and Steve Ballmer answered questions about what the company's answer to the iPad was going to be, and whether Windows Phone 7 was going to be a part of that product strategy. He said, "We're coming . . . We're coming full guns. The operating system is called Windows." Ballmer and Microsoft so don't get it. I can't believe Steve Ballmer is making me feel sorry for Microsoft.
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RE[6]: It's easy to hate them...
by tony on Sun 1st Aug 2010 04:58 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: It's easy to hate them..."
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It doesn't matter, though. Apple under Jobs has more hype than any other business in the world, and still hasn't half caught up to Balmer's "failure", except in the stock market -- which simply means it's twice overrated, compared to MS. Meanwhile, they're doing the exact same mistakes again, locking people into an expensive platform with high TCO and even higher cost of moving to a more sensible platform.

Also, it's now a fashion company. Fashion tends to go out of, you know, fashion. And because their fans tend to be massive wankers who are overselling the product to a ridiculous degree, many people are already fed up. Just a couple of days ago, I read an article in a fucking newspaper claiming Apple's new "revolutionary" trackpad was going to kill the traditional mouse. Fuck Apple and their fans. They're a bit like Brit Pop fans of the 90s, who thought Oasis were the best band since The Beatles. Well, in reality they were nearly entirely irrelevant. And the iPad wasn't the first at anything.

It's easy to say anything wasn't the first at anything, and it's a great (but intellectually lazy) way to dismiss a company or technology. The iPad is the first blockbuster tablet. The iPad revitalized a desperately stagnant tablet market, the way that the iPhone revitalized a desperately stagnant smartphone market. Haters can pick and chose the things that Apple didn't do first, but it just shows how desperate they are to dismiss the huge success Apple has had.

There's a reason Apple is so successful, and as much as you'd like to go tribal and dismiss Apple users as fashion victims and sheep, and Apple as an overhyped company, users of Apple products tend to love Apple products. Apple did radically different approaches to the various markets, and those approaches have resonated with users in a way few tech companies have been able to pull off.

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