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Hardware, Embedded Systems AMD plans to start shipping the USB 3-equipped chipset in the fourth quarter of 2010, beating Intel to the post. Intel hasn't announced its official plans for integrated USB 3 support yet, but various sources say it's not expected until we're well into 2011.
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RE: Who says it's a race?
by pgeorgi on Sun 1st Aug 2010 16:26 UTC in reply to "Who says it's a race?"
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I think people are missing that you can have USB 3 without integrating it into the mainboard chipset -- and that integrating it may not be the best idea in terms of cost...

Not integrating xHCI would be a waste unless you drop USB1/USB2 controllers from the chipset. xHCI covers all of USB1/2/3, dropping the "companion controller" model employed for USB2/EHCI.

So if you rely on xHCI being implemented in a separate chip, you actually carry _extra_ functionality (UHCI/OHCI and EHCI) that you wouldn't need if you integrate xHCI in the first place.

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