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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris A recent vague announcement on osol-announce hints that something big is rumbling for OpenSolaris: "A number of the community leaders from the OpenSolaris community have been working quietly together on a new effort called Illumos, and we're just about ready to fully disclose our work to, and invite the general participation of, the general public." They have a website, and they're going to be hosting a conference call on August 3.
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How? By not being POSIX and SUS compliant?

How old are you? Because either you weren't around or you must not have known that POSIX & SUS don't determine what's Unix & what isn't. They're just standards that allow all of the various Unix derivatives to coexist & work together by supporting the same API's. There was Unix long before there was POSIX & SUS.

Brush up on your history!

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