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Gnome GNOME developer Dave Neary has posted the highlights of his work to determine where contributions to GNOME come from. This "Census" is a combination of data mining and surveys that gives a snapshot of gnome activity and the profile of a GNOME contributor. This project's aims were to answer three questions in particular: What does the developer community look like? What companies are investing in GNOME, and how? What does the commercial ecosystem around the GNOME project look like?
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RE[2]: Shuttleworth
by static666 on Mon 2nd Aug 2010 19:44 UTC in reply to "RE: Shuttleworth"
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That comment pretty much sums it all up for me. I wonder why people keep bashing Canonical, when it's the company that clearly has achieved the most in bringing Linux to the general masses, caring about usability and doing all the FOSS promotion the right way, thus getting much public and media attention.

I'd rather see it this way:

A) Red Hat - the first kid on the block, was fun to play with, burned the whole playground to commercialize the effort, then invited us all to play the new Fedora game, but many people got disappointed and went elsewhere. Relies on FOSS to get big money and produces big loads of commits rather as a by-product while executing the business plan. Money > Community.

B) Canonical - the new kid on the block, the coolest from the start, fasticanated about the FOSS idea, focused on needs of simple people, built a blossoming community and continuing efforts without selling out. Caring more about more thin and subtle things barbarian developers cannot normally grasp themselves, constantly taunted with rather blatant 'GIEF US MOAR COMMITS'. Community > Money.

C) Google - the evil kid. Probably gets a good laugh off the whole RH - Canonical flame war, happily fiddling with your private data.

A - jealous.
B - unworthy! ;)

P.S. Wasn't FOSS about volunteering freely when you can/want/care to? Shouldn't it be extended into the FOSS corporate landscape? Both companies are already doing much, providing free distros for us people, without asking much (or anything at all) in return. So what right does one have to demand more of that volunteering work?

P.P.S. It's normal to see employees of rival companies get into an argument or two from time to time, just to boost their own ego/morale and get some motivation to do their daily grind for the benefit of us all. But I'd rather see people participating in that whole rant on forums and mailing lists having at least one commit to the GNOME upstream just to keep the whole discussion sensible enough.

So far from my users perspective this flame war is hilarious and truly enjoyable. Keep the heat up, guys. ;)

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