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Gnome Yesterday it was announced that GNOME 3.0 is delayed till next year. The extra time has given the Shell Developers some more time to play around with new concepts and they have come up a new mockup. Here are the new mockups.
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RE[2]: GNOME and KDE
by dragossh on Mon 2nd Aug 2010 20:58 UTC in reply to "RE: GNOME and KDE"
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I tried KDE 4.4. The notifications occupied half of my screen for no reason at all. You plugged this in, your computer's sleeping, your battery is full, compositing is enabled, compositing is disabled, track changed. What's worse is the stupid Recent notifications feature that SHOULD NOT be displayed if there are ZERO recent notifications. Yes, I know the notifications can be disabled, but it is not ideal at all.

And don't get me started on the abysmal performance of KWin with the binary NVIDIA drivers. Compiz works fine, KWin doesn't.

Maybe I should try 4.5 ;)

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