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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris A recent vague announcement on osol-announce hints that something big is rumbling for OpenSolaris: "A number of the community leaders from the OpenSolaris community have been working quietly together on a new effort called Illumos, and we're just about ready to fully disclose our work to, and invite the general participation of, the general public." They have a website, and they're going to be hosting a conference call on August 3.
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How old are you? Because either you weren't around or you must not have known that POSIX & SUS don't determine what's Unix & what isn't. They're just standards that allow all of the various Unix derivatives to coexist & work together by supporting the same API's. There was Unix long before there was POSIX & SUS.

Brush up on your history!

The bottom line is, that Open Group is the owner of the Unix trade mark and they get to decide about what the definition of Unix will be. I'm not saying that FreeBSD is bad, you just can't call an OS Unix if it isn't certified and doesn't even comply to required specifications.

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