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GNU, GPL, Open Source We are heading towards a world where we no longer own the hardware we buy -- and there is no point in having free software if you can't own your hardware.
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RE[2]: Is it good or bad?
by nt_jerkface on Tue 3rd Aug 2010 02:18 UTC in reply to "RE: Is it good or bad?"
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End users are developers-in-training.

Thanks for the laugh.

99% of the population could care less about having access to the source, and that includes most programmers.

Stallman's vision is unrealistic and deluded. There are economic issues he can't account for like how to create software like Autocad that costs hundreds of millions to develop and doesn't require support. His basic response is "just do it" since he has no real answer.

Most software cannot be sold through support contracts, especially when there is free help online for just about everything.

Ads in GPL software won't work because they can be ripped out.

There is clearly software that needs to remain proprietary. Declaring AutoCad to be immoral is not a viable business model. Stallman like many ideologists before him believe that ideology will create the solutions.

Stallman's unrealistic ideology reminds me of a quote from Putin related to Communism: Like a run-away cart it is moving and you can get on it but it won't take you anywhere.

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