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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris A recent vague announcement on osol-announce hints that something big is rumbling for OpenSolaris: "A number of the community leaders from the OpenSolaris community have been working quietly together on a new effort called Illumos, and we're just about ready to fully disclose our work to, and invite the general participation of, the general public." They have a website, and they're going to be hosting a conference call on August 3.
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Actually the *BSD's are Unix. They are just not Certified UNIX. That does not mean they don't comply to required specifications

Some people obivously don't think so:

OS X is Certified UNIX but is definitely no Unix.

This sentence contradicts itself.

OpenBSD is definitely Unix but not Certified UNIX. The *BSD's can claim to be Unix since they are derivatives of BSD Unix.

Maybe I don't recall correctly, but AFAIK the Unix code was removed from BSD at one point.

All in all, It's hard to reason with these kind of folks who approach technology like it's some kind of religion. You can argue about history all you want, but that's not really relevant to the topic. By such logic, you could start calling Windows OpenVMS. Or OpenvMS. ;)

Based on your OSN-past you seem to carry an animosity towards GNU/Linux,

Being a sysadmin I certainly don't like how Linux is aggressively pushed to replace systems, to which it is inferior in the server space, but hey, I'm a Linux desktop user for almost 10 years, so there's hardly an animosity.


I actually like the BSDs, I just don't consider them Unix. I don't remember posting anything negative towards BSDs.

and even OpenSolaris (at least in the past).

What?? ;)

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